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    So join us here each week my friends you're sure
    to smile from seven stranded
  • Welcome to Ucsl

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Why you will invest in Unnayan Co-operative Society Ltd. It is some how a partial charitable organization for the poorest of the poor. If anyone likes to invest /donate to UCL. s/he is welcome. Please contact to. – Mobile  – 01715377200

1. Govt. approved co-operative society

2. Invest is totally safe

3. Transparent in business

4. Attractive profit margin

5. After completion of period  systematic arrangement of return with profit

Unnayan means:







Helping Small Businesses To Find Right Way For The Last 42 Years

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale a tale of a fateful trip started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship. Love exciting and new. Come aboard were expecting you. Love life's sweetest reward Let it flow it floats back to you.

Feels so right it cant be wrong. Rockin' and rollin' all week long. You wanna be where you can see our troubles are all the same. You wanna be where everybody knows Your name.

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Our staffs across worldwide
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